fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

So, a random comment on one of the ICHC spin-off sites has a rather offensive comic up. It doesn't have blatant sex or violence or language, but does have a very casual portrayal of a suicide.

I honestly don't get it. Suicide isn't funny, especially over stupid stuff like this. I know the artist wasn't poking fun at suicide victims, but the fact that this has become a motif you see in humor still really rubs me raw from time to time. I actually wouldn't mind it so much if it was well-done and used for good effect. But the flippant, careless way suicide is used, in particular suicide by hanging, and in particular on a site many people go to for light-hearted fun, it just seems very inappropriate.

I reallly wish people would grasp the fact that for many of us, this isn't really a laughing matter.
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