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Christianity Today, Billy Graham and Glenn Beck

Over at FaceBook I posted a link a few days ago to something I was a bit upset by. More than a bit, actually. The Christian evangelist Billy Graham met with Glenn Beck, and Christianity Today carried an account of their meeting.

The fact that they would legitimize him was upsetting enough to me. Less upsetting than it was initially (at the time I thought he still had refused to meet with Obama; he refused to meet with candidate Obama and only met with mcCain but has since met with President Obama, in April of last year). That helps a bit, but not enough. When you meet with a man like Beck you legitimize him in the minds of many. And CT went further, by excerpting Beck's own descriptions of his beliefs at great length. The bit that has me upset is this:

My message to you is we must come together. Evil has -- the left has stood -- is standing now with profound and clear evil and they've connected from evil all the way to the average Democrat and everything in between.

And we are sitting here arguing with each other over, well, how do you mean that exactly? Well, what exactly do you believe in religion, et cetera, et cetera? While none of us can sacrifice what we believe as an individual, we must stand together with those who believe in God and that God endows each individual with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is Beck laying out his own views; he makes it clear it's not what Graham thought or said. But it appeared in what I thought of as a centrist magazine. I have been called evil. I have been called synonymous with evil, and not for anything I did in particular. I am apparently, to hear Beck talk, part of an organization that is so evil that that perversity extends to "the average Democrat." And that talk is now repeated not by Fox News or RedState or somewhere like that, but on a site I always considered reasonable and open to a variety of opinions.

The comments don't help either. I broke my policy against reading comments because I was hoping against hope that people would smack Beck down and show the good sense I hope Christians would show to this kind of bigotry. They didn't for the most part. People have argued over whether Christians should bother with Muslims Mormons*, but most people seem to accept the premise that liberals are evil.

To put it bluntly, I'm pissed. And it feels like, once again, I am one of "them" rather than the "us." So much for Christian brotherhood.

I want to forgive CT because that's what my faith says I should do. Not so much for them but for myself; this thing has really gotten under my skin to the point that it's keeping me up nights. It's not the only thing but it's certainly contributing! I actually prayed for help forgiving these guys, and I don't usually explicitly pray for myself.

*ETA: My brain thought Mormons because Beck is a member of the LDS and the comments were talking about whether LDS were Christian. But my finger said Muslims for some reason. Really don't know what I was thinking.
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