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Marta's Day Out

I spent a good part of this morning riding the subway. I had to go pick up prescriptions, and because my student insurance is cheap I try to get as many prescriptions as I can through CVS's discount program. That means a trip out of the neighborhood, and as I had to go to Manhattan today anyways I decided to just jump on the subway there (there's a stop within walking-distance, since it would save me an additional fare. (You get one free transfer with each fare, and I would have needed two transfers [bus + train] which would have meant another $2.25.)

If you know Manhattan at all, you may realize it has an east and a west side. The top portion of the island is split by Central Park, and different neighborhoods grew up on either side. Not hard to walk, but I'm still feeling achy from a UT infection and didn't feel like walking around in this heat with full-length jeans on. Subways tend to go down the length of either the west or the east side rather than crossing over. Meaning that I ended up having to ride nearly all the way down to the southern tip of the island and then halfway back up the other side. (Could have gotten across with several transfers, but I was feeling two sleep deprived.)

On paper, it was a good morning. I got to see some wonderful old subway stops and even got off and sketched some of them - simply beautiful tile work - and listened to a klezmer group playing in the subway. I also windowshopped around Bleecker Street, then took the D subway up to Rockefeller Center and more-than-windowshopped at FAO Schwartz. I also helped some German tourists get to the Central Park zoo and chatted with them a bit on the subway - always interesting to meet new people.

Strangely, though, I still feel pretty yucky. I've been depressed lately and every little thing feels depressing. Like the ice cream I had that I'd been looking forward to (I pass the shop every week, and they only serve ice cream flavored with fruit that's fresh in season). Because it's no-sugar-added it tasted tart and I was seriously disappointed - to the point of throwing it out after two bites. That's been life lately - most things seem bad, and the bad is overwhelming. Depression is no good sometimes.

Still, it was nice to live a little this morning. I need more unplanned adventures and more hours spent riding the trains and watching the world pass by.
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