fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

things I learned walking to campus today

  1. Around here, charmingly dreary can apparently change to cats-and-dogs downpour in the space of a ten minute walk.

  2. My jacket is apparently only water-resistant, not water-proof as I originally thought.

  3. Jeans, once soaked, don't dry. An hour on the intercampus bus and these are still soaked.

  4. There cames a point when it's not worth stepping back from the curb to avoid getting soaked.

Also, apparently there's nothing quite so hilarious to my perverse sense of humor as seeing a baboushka on a walker trying to ford an intersection with six inches and more of water. I should be ashamed, but mainly I was tickled. It's been a long morning.

If you can't tell, apparently we're putting the mon(soon) back in Monday around here today. I'm sure someone somewhere needs all this moisture more than we do. Help yourself!
Tags: rl, weather
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