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the GOP and the war on women

Jon Stewart has a particularly brilliant (if heart-rending) segment on the latest assaults on women's issues:

(This from the party for family values?)

These and other developments are just so made of stupid, it burns us, precious. I am more bewildered than angry, though I'm sure once the idiocy and hypocrisy has sunk in I will feel differently. So again I will limit myself to two points.

  1. Any funding that goes to abortion, no matter how remotely, is immoral because it frees up Planned Parenthood's (or whomever's) moneys for the evil abortions. Honestly? *gawks* Do they really not get the hypocrisy?

    Two words: faith-based initatives.

  2. So there are scores of women having abortions because it's just too damned convenient? What kind of monsters do they think these women are? In what possible universe would it make sense to let such horrible people be mothers? I mean, if you couldn't take away the kiddies full-stop, certainly you'd want the most intervention as possible. If you can't trust them not to kill the babes on a whim, then it only makes sense to fully fund every government program to make sure the unfortunate kids get mandated care. Universal and mandatory Head Start, as young as possible, would be in order, as would free meals year-round. Because obviously if women would have abortions out of convenience, how can we trust them not to neglect their offspring in the worst way imaginable?


I think we need a little snarky humor at Congress's expense. Because, really, the stupid does burn.

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