fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Over at FB, Cel and I were discussing a question on a quiz scoring how well you knew about religion. The quiz claimed that Catholics believed we were saved by both faith and works. I thought it was wrong; Cel maintained it was correct, at least historical. (While not religious, Cel is a first-class historian.)

I have two objections here. First, like Protestants, Catholics don't believe we're saved BY any human effort. Without the passion, no combination of good works and good faith will get you into heaven. More to the point, and this is where I'm more fuzzy, I'm not sure the RCC differentiates. In parochial school I was taught that works were part of faith. CAtholics believe that faith motivated good works (albeit imperfectly). You know, faith without works being dead and all that.

I'm curious. Any Catholics reading this, do you think the RCC teaches both faith and works are necessary for salvation, or what exactly? And if you're not a Catholic, what did you assume the RCC's position was here?
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