fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

big news of the RL sort

First and most importantly:

I passed!

Will spare you all the details, but it means I'm that much closer to dissertating. (Still need to do a proposal for it before I start actually writing.) But it is Progress, and in grad school that is always good. As it happens I've been working at this stage for quite a while, so having achieved this benchmark is very welcome. Put more simply: yayz! I also had a paper proposal accepted by the Society for Women in Philosophy (Eastern Division). My paper proposal is here. Basically, I'm looking how Anselm puts traditionally-feminine character traits like loving with traditionally-masculine traits like justice together. So I'm headed down to the Charmed City at the end of the month. Now I have that usual deflation you get after an exam and can hardly sit up just now. I'm off to bed.
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