fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

if a pic's worth a thousand words...

Saw this picture on The Atlantic website this morning:

As disgustingly racist as it is, I actually find it a bit bizarre. You've got your standard Obama-bashing at the bottom, which isn't that far from what you'd expect given the website URL he mentions. But it's the connection between "university funds for anti-white hate" and the "Trayvon = no saint" juxtaposition that gets to me. Apparently to his mind, insisting that any 17-year-old kid (and yes, seventeen is still a kid) be treated like a human rather than a predator because of his race is tantamount to saying non-whites are better than whites.

Um, no. It's saying they're equal. Just like European-descended Americans are equal. It may not be a message he likes, but it's definitely not anti-white, and it's pretty well exactly the opposite of hate.

Also: his outfit cracked me up a bit. Loafers + socks rolled all the way up the thigh + bermuda shorts? Somehow I doubt he's getting many offers to propagate his race dressed like that. I almost pity him - and just might (since I see racism as kind of a social disease), if not for the web URL. Whatever the cause, using a national tragedy like this for self-promotion is just disgusting.
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