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Marta 365: Senor Pika

Somewhere I saw someone posting a picture a day from their life. I am camera-shy so don't expect to see any actual pictures of me. And I may not get around to posting every day, but I'd like to try to do this as much as I can, because I love my city and I like the idea of sharing it. Plus, I finally have a functioning phone for the moment which means a functioning camera.

So without further adieu:

I call this little fellow "Señor Pika." When I first moved into the neighborhood I was trying to explore my neighborhood and was hopelessly lost getting home. I had blisters, it was heat like you can only get in July in the Bronx, I had no internet at home and hadn't even found the garbage room and knew no one or where to go to relax - typically moving-in stress, I'm sure all college students have experienced it, but I was about reduced to tears. And I was lost and didn't even know how to explain where I lived to ask for directions. Then I saw Señor Pika smiling down at me with his absurdly bright yellow color, and I laughed.

Things got better almost immediately and I did learn my way around. Not just the neighborhood but the city and beyond; for a Southern girl I've taken to public transit and pedestrian adventuring remarkably well. But when I've had a particularly stressful day I walk by Señor Pika - down Kazimiroff Blvd past the botanical gardens, across the bridge and up Southern Blvd. It's a little out of my way but is a lovely walk, and is worth it to see my first real friend in New York.
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