fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

B2MEM Fic: The Point of the Sword

Following up my growing obsession with all things Kushner, I decided to do a Kushner/Tolkien crossover for today's BMEM entry. It's set just after the end of Swordspoint: the trial is over, Alec's come back to Riverside, and he and Richard are out for lunch at Rosalie's. But strangers from strange lands have a way of turning up in taverns.

LENGTH - 1,323 + Notes
CHARACTERS - Alec/Richard, Aragorn
RATING - Teen (for implied m/m sexuality)
BETA - just_ann_now

The Point of the Sword

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Tags: b2mem, fandom - swordspoint, fandom - tolkien, myfic
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