fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

B2MEM Fic: Beginnings

Here's my latest BMEM fic. Once upon a time, before the silmarils and the kinslayings and all the rest, Feanor would have just been a young dad in love. Have a bit of shoptalk between him and Curunir (Saruman) in the months before Maglor's birth.

LENGTH - 1,031 Notes
RATING - General
BETA - Ellynn


Other entries:

1. Nor by Jerusalem (warning: angst)
2. This Year, Next Year, Sometime Never
3. With the Blood of Patriots
4. Profiles in Courage
5. But Have Not Love (warning: battle gore)
6. Not Because We Are Angels. (warning: domestic violence, brief depiction of sexual violence)
7. Finding God(s) in Middle-earth
8. Like Heathen Kings of Old (warning: adult themes)
Tags: b2mem, fandom - tolkien, my fic
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