fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

BMEM musings

I sent off my latest BMEM story to the beta just now. Insomnia (and Spring Break) can be a good thing sometimes. This has me wondering, though - has anyone ever written Saruman as a maia in Valinor? Or any of the wizards other than Gandalf, for that matter? I'm curious.

Also: yesterday's prompt (I21) didn't happen to appear on any of my cards, but after looking at what other people's cards required, I'm getting an interesting nuzgul. The Maglor in history card has "Vietnam War," paired with the Silm geography card prompt of "Alqualonde" and the cause of death prompt of "self-sacrifice." And you know, there's just something about the mental image of Maglor with flowers in his hair and bullhorn in hand, even if it's not for one of my cards. I just may write it later.

Speaking of which: Lisa's protest song on the Simpsons springs to mind as more or less the image my muse is going for. If it's already been done, does that get me off the hook for writing it myself?
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