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B2MEM Fic: Like Heathen Kings of Old

Another day, another BMEM fic. Yesterday I wrote an essay about (among other things) the temple-worship on Numenor where Sauron offered human sacrifices to Morgoth. When I was researching it, the whole thing struck me as eerily familiar to the Pyre of Denethor. I wanted to play with that theme a little more, and also whether Denethor really loved Faramir (and, more importantly as it turns out, if he loved him in the right way. So here are Pippin and Beregond trying to wrestle with what Denethor's final actions.

LENGTH - 1,776 + Notes
RATING - Teen (for adult themes, but nothing too graphic)
BETA - just_ann_now, Dreamflower

Like Heathen Kings of Old

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