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B2MEM Fic: Not Because We Are Angels

Here's the latest addition to the BMEM fics:

6. Not Because We Are Angels.

A few years back I wrote a vignette called "Factions," about Tar-Miriel played in helping Isildur save the White Tree. The story was an interesting piece for its own sake, but it also made me start thinking about the situation in Armenelos before the Downfall. Just how dark might it get for Tar-Miriel? This is my attempt to answer that. It's sort of a prequel to "Factions," but I think it can be read independently of that. Consider it a glimpse into just what it might mean to be "took to wife against her will."

By the way, on the question of how dark it could get - I assume we are all familiar with the phrase, "darkest the hour before dawn," no? There's domestic violence here, told unflinchingly, and some brief depiction of sexual violence (which is explicit but not graphic). I like to think the situation requires these details, but I also don't want anyone caught unawares by this content.

Thanks to just_ann_now and Ellynn for the beta.

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