fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

B2MEM 2012 (catch-up)

I've gotten behind on posting my BMEM links here. You can of course read them at the bmem community as well. Anyway, here's the last few days' worth of BMEM fics:

1. Nor by Jerusalem
2. This Year, Next Year, Sometime Never

3. With the Blood of Patriots: "For though Sauron had passed, the hatreds and evils that he bred had not died, and the King of the West had many enemies to subdue before the White Tree could grow in peace." Aragorn, Arwen, and Faramir talk politics late one night. Beta: just_ann_now (1,635 words; rated general)

4. Profiles in Courage: An essay examining Lobelia's actions that landed her in the lock-holes. Beta: just_ann_now, Dreamflower (1,484 words; rated general)

5. But Have Not Love: "The cruel servants of Celegorm seized his young sons and left them to starve in the forest. Of this Maedhros indeed repented, and sought for them long in the woods of Doriath; but his search was unavailing." Beta: Ellynn. (842 words; rated teen for battle gore)
Tags: b2mem, fandom - tolkien, my fic
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