fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

B2MEM bingo cards

I just thought I'd put a shout-out for the Bingo card I put together. I just mean I chose the the prompts; Dawn or one of her many minions actually designed the card. Anyway, it's various deep thoughts that could be philosophical (they often have specific meanings to philosophers), but could also be just, well, deep-thoughty.

There are lots of other cards as well. You can claim however many you like here. Basically every two days the B2MEM group will announce a new prompt, but it will be a Bingo letter-number combo. You can write a fic or do some other project involving the element, and it can meet several of themes for different cards if you like. You could be like the old lady who has seventeen cards laid out in front of her, along with the plastic troll she kisses for luck periodically.

The goal is to get "BINGO" obviously. Of course, the real goal is to write some cool fic and art, and read the same from other people. Best of luck to all the participants.
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