fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

the good, the bad and the home repair

I bought one of those under-the-desk drawers for a computer keyboard and successfully put it together using those annoying pictures-only instructions. Was really proud of myself, actually.

... and then I went to attach it to the desk and found out it was just a bit too wide. Turns out that the stated width on the website (yes, I measured) was for the space available for the keyboard rather than the external width. So I now have to return it, which means getting it all packaged up again.

I am still proud of my handyperson-ness. Just significantly more frustrated as well. *blows raspberry at company*

Also: Amazon Prime free shipping + returns? I apologize. That's one huge box for you to pay for. I was impressed you could get it to me so cheaply even before the return.
Tags: rl
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