fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

puppy pics

My sister and her hubby recently adopted a new dog. It's actually not a pound puppy but rather what would be a purebred if the mum was old enough to be certified. I want to say golden lab, but I may be wrong about that - I have no head for breeds.

Anyway, the pup is majorly cute and fuzzy. So here are some photos to brighten peoples' day. Originally posted by my brother-in-law over at FB. Given that I live several states up I'm nowhere to be seen - just as it should be.

Exact location unknown; I think at a friend's house:

Here my sister is holding the pup outside a shopping center in Boone:

What I call the fur-pocalypse shot. The pup gets to know Leo, the younger and more skittish of their two cats. Apparently Leo is actually being quite tolerant.

And finally, because apparently even puppies have killer instincts...

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