fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Dear Borders,

I admit, expecting you to have De Magistro - or anything by Augustine other than the Confessions, really - was a bit of a fool's hope. I know, most people as eclectic as me buy online these days. And I get that Augustine is seen as a church father first and a philosopher second by many folks outside my discipline.

But Christian Inspiration? Really? Tucked in between Chicken Soup and a book on why America. Is a Christian nation and should act like it? Really?

Augustine must be rolling in his grave, as must Aquinas whose Shorter Summa I saw on the next shelf over. Christian History I would have accepted with a minimum of gritted teeth. Classics would have been understandable. But that was just insulting.

You lost a sale tonight - two of them since I'd planned to buy Sandel's book on justice and refused on general principles. Because Augustine might be many things, but Chicken Soup for the Medieval Soul ain't it.
Tags: philosophy, rl
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