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RL update

Laundry is retrieved, all folded and pressed. I have cold Diet Pepsi fresh from the store, and I even was out at just the right time to grab a lunch special from the Japanese restaurant. Meaning I am sipping Miso soup as we speak and have a seafood tempura (shrimp, bits of crab and mussels) waiting for me. Also picked up a slice of chocolate dulce da leche cake from the corner bakery. (Yes, I live in Little Italy. You can't go a block without passing a bakery.)

And then remembered I had to get something that can only be bought at the grocery store. That's not so bad, but I was already weighted down with parcels and a giant bag of laundry on my back and now had to navigate the aisles of a city grocery store (there's a reason they give us skinny carts. And yet somehow I came out with more than the one item I needed (whole wheat English muffins for mini-pizzas), and also got sink cleaner, plastic baggies, cookie mix, and a new bowl. A truly random collection if ever there was one, but I kept remembering things I needed.

Two things of note from the last day. First, a cool article from the NY Times:

Basically, it looks at the changing definition of Europe. Closet geography geeks will find it interesting, as will policy wonks or people who just like learning new things.

Second, for much of the last two days I've been setting up a website for my class and more generally for my professional life:

I'm playing around with the idea of providing an index to my fanfic stories there as well, not on a page that shows up on the main page but something where if you knew the link (something like it would pull up a list of all the stories I had written over the years. But I'm not sure how wise that is, to have it all on the same site. I don't hide the fact that I write fanfic, but I'm not sure I want that to be the first thing people see when poking around considering whether to give me a job interview in a year or two. Thoughts?

Finally: any Tolkien froods know who's running Stories of Arda these days? I've been trying to get in touch with them, but without success.
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