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for that special hobbit, timelord, or Ferengi on your gift list you haven't quite checked off yet

Yesterday altariel reminded me of a great site, They let you donate generally or to a specific project, and they have some really neat ones, everything from new socks to school uniforms to an opera performance for an underprivileged kid to expose him or her to culture. They also give you a card, ecard, or cracker. While they are a British company (so donation figures are in pounds), I know for a fact that they accept U.S. donations and ship the giftee cards here. I'm sure they'd be happy to do likewise with the E.U., and probably other areas of the globe. They're a good charity, and do a good job of balancing donor relations with putting your money to work.

FYI, it's $1.57 to the pound and €1.20 to the pound as of 21-December. So for example, a five-pound donation costs an American $7.85.

Another charity I've donated through in the past is They're cool because your recipient gets to pick a project with a school to use the donation for. It can be kind of nice to give someone the gift of an hour browsing through the projects and finding one that they feel a strong connection to, but without having to shell out the donation dollars themselves.

So if you're still looking for something to give someone, do check out these sites. They do good work, and if you don't mind printing out the thank-you notice rather than receiving something by mail you can certainly sill use them in time for Christmas.
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