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adventures in programming

I hesitate to use the word because I have done real programming (if C++ qualifies!) before, and I know people who do real programming now, such as aranel_took. Mucking around in basic HTML seems like baby programming, if that. But I am out of practice, and five hours off and on has me worn out.

I've been setting up a blog for my human nature course next semester, which I can also tweak for my ethics course this upcoming summer. It's run off of Wordpress and is for the most part fairly basic - blog section for class announcements, a page describing the assignment guidelines, probably a policies page and maybe a separate page for course documents (how/to files, class handouts, etc.) Those actually aren't so bad.

What's given me a first-class headache is the library page. This is philosophical resources plus some popular press stuff (like Richard Dawkins' discussion of why intelligent design isn't a science in The Guardian, or the recent NY Times article on why being an atheist doesn't do away with notions of right and wrong). It's mainly on online index to the various PDFs and links I've been collecting and use when preparing lectures or email out to my students as class readings. But since WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get - those buttons you click to bold text rather than using HTML tags) are buggy, I decided to use HTML mode rather than the WYSIWYG option. So for the last 3-4 hours I have been swimming in hyperlink links, formatting tags for italics and bold, <li> and <ol> and all the rest. You have not lived until you have tried to set up a bulleted list with several levels using raw HTML, and then added to various points of the list over a period of time and tried to keep the different levels straight.

Swimming is the right word, because that's what my head is doing at the moment. *weary grin*

I think I'm going to run down the street for some supper, then come back and watch an old episode of The Closer. Maybe crawl back into Augustine tonight (I did a chapter of "On Free Will" this morning, but it was only about four pages, and I really should attempt more...)

Btw, in case anyone's interested, here's the link:
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