fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

i can haz mattress!

When I was recently sick I was spending a lot of time either napping or generally too zonked to really move (so still in bed). 2-3 days of that convinced me of just how bad my mattress was. So I went out and bought a new mattress - actually a good one, a posturepedic with medium-high firmness because I am a grad student and spend entirely too much of my life sitting or sleeping as it is.

It arrived this morning. And it is nice and supportive, and new and shiny. Makes me want to properly clean up my room now that I have nice things.

Also, because I am in a good mood...

And finally:

This cute cat wants an APA interview very badly. (APA = American Philosophical Association, whose Christmas meetings are the place to go for first-round interviews, for doctorate students trying to get professor jobs.) Many people have questioned the wisdom of forcing broke grad students to (1) get a hotel room in D.C. at their own expense; (2) at Christmas; (3) often on less than a week's notice. This cat seems to have the proper degree of skepticism.

Aside from the cute pic, the comments are truly chuckle-worthy. My favorite:

That cat is wearing a flashy tie. Disqualified!

Also, the lack of pants is not encouraging.

His ideas about Descartes intrigue me, however.
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