fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

You know what's a wasted skilll these days? Handwriting. Not just cursive-font but any kind of handwriting. Truly: I have a box of pens by my microwave, because I write things so rarely, I inevitably lose a pen by the next time I need it. I bought them shortly after I moved to the new place in October and it's still half full because the only thing I ever write is my rent check each month, which doesn't accept electronic payment. Literally everything else is typed.

It's a shame, because I actually do have decently nice scrit when I take the time to do more than chicken-scratch.

Ah, well. There's your observation for the day. Everyone who said you needed to learn cursive and people woul judge you by your ability to write nicely and neatly? I name thee purveyor of LIES.

(Also: Happy Easter/Passover to those of you celebrating it and a good nearly-weekend to the the rest of you happening froods.)

(Also-also: I don't know why I'm so perennially exhausted, but that doesn't mean I don't think of you lot regularly. Tumblr is easier because you don't actually have to put much into it, it's very low-key and quick. But here it feels like I actually have to make the words go, which seems beyond me most times these days. But I miss hanging out here and hope you all are doing well.)

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