fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Amazon came through with the Christmas cards and a new thick pen so I can address envelopes without my hand cramping. They're mass produced and not fannish, but actually very pretty. I'm thinking I might tape a blank one up on my own wall, right above the much sought-after Decembear calendar, for a bit of holiday cheer.

(We had a Decembear calendar when I was a kid. Each day a little cloth-and-felt-stuffed bear moves around the house looking in a different place for Christmas. Kind of like an advent calendar but without the chocolate. Sis got the original when we all grew up because she was the first with a house with the space to decorate. It's very cute and nostalgic, but also not being sold new any more and incredibly overpriced on eBay and the like. This year I lucked out after years of scouring and bidding, and landed one that was only moderately overpriced. At this point I'll take it and be glad of the privilege.)

So this weekend I plan to sit down with some artificial apple cider --the cheap little packets you add hot water to, but still-- maybe some ginger snaps, and address envelopes to my heart's content. If you'd like one and haven't already please PM or email me (marta-dot-fandom-at-gmail-dot-com).

Also, anyone know of any good Hallmark-style Xmas movies, for those of us without the Hallmark channel? Something on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or the like? I'm in the mood.


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