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We are apparently to the "life is pain" portion of the healing process. The swelling in my ankle's gone down a good bit, though, and I'm able to hobble around the apartment with one half of an old pair of crutches for support; I've still not had the courage to try the stairs. Never thought I'd say this but: thank goodness for COVID-necessitated working from home. (Also, for Instacart.)

The big news is I managed to drag the heating fan out of my closet and plugged it in. Autumn is icumen in, I think, to the point that I was actually having a hard time settling down and going to sleep. Insomnia is nothing new, but the hot air helps a bit, and it's actually cold enough not to mind it too much. At least I can have it on long enough to slip into slumber, even if I turn it off just before I fall asleep so I don't wak eup too hot two hours later.

I didn't make the time to write my SWG piece this month, mainly because my mind shifted about half way through from a proper story to something more like a mock-historical treatise? Kind of like Tolkien's gloss of Merry's treatise on pipeweed from the LOTR prologue. But it would be an account of Eonwe's visit to Numenor to defend the whole idea that death was a gift, possibly written by one of the men of Middle-earth under Sauron's dominion. Maybe a priest of whatever religion Sauron developed before he pulled the same trick in Numenor? I've just been fascinated by Second Age religion and cults lately, and I found that when I sat down to write a story, what I really ended up wanting to do was infodump on canon. It's actually some really interesting stuff, and I'm just heretical enough at the moment to want to thoroughly skewer both the Valar and the Elendili. (Pharazon was wrong about many things, but this wasn't one of them.) I'm struggling with my usual enemies, though: physical exhaustion (why am I so tired when I never go anywere), and being sure my interests are so off the beaten track no one should really be interested in reading them. Which is not a coded request for people to tell me otherwise, just a fact of my mindset, I'm afraid.

Anywho. How are you all?

I've just been fascinated by

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