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LJ's Writers' Block asked:

What are you thinking about right now?

There's a bit of a Heisenberg principle thing going on here, isn't there? I mean, you ask the question so of course the thought going through my head right now is what I was thinking about before you asked it.


Actually, the answer to that question is whether two people can catch an illness when they haven't actually seen each other (just talked on line). Dan Fincke was sick last week, and now it hurts to breathe. I know, germs don't work that way. And I'm not really sick - no fever, just a little bit of muscle aches, not even much congestion to speak of, but my throat is so sore it's an effort to breathe and swallow and the like, and just generally feel ucky. There are worse times, as the regular semester is over (it's just exams left).

Oddly enough, though I'm taking the normal Nyquil, Robitussin, etc., the one thing that really makes me feel better is hot Miso soup from the local Japanese restaurant. Too ad that I'm on the fifth floor with no elevator, and it really does need to be hot soup. Wish it was the kind of thing that I could make in my apartment, to save the trip downstairs to pick it up.

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