fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

i can haz movie marathon?

I swung by Best Buy tonight and they were having a very good sale on my kind of DVDs. I picked up all three Lord of the Rings, and Troy and Invictus besides. And at $4 a DVD, it came to about what I'd spend on a Friday night in Manhattan (movie tickets, popcorn, drink at a jazz bar afterward).

We'll see if I still enjoy the theatrical releases. Five moves and four states after the last DVD came out, I've lost at least one disk of all my versions. Meaning it's been years since I've relived how well PJ screwed up Denethor, and how well he nailed Gandalf. I'm going to be a good little scholar tonight and work on De libero arbitrio so I can take the time tomorrow in good conscience. I'm still in one of those rare academic hiccoughs between mountains of course-prep and mountains of grading, and I plan on enjoying it.

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