It's been a rather wild two days. 

Broadly speaking; I guess we're now in day three. I've bought a new computer, filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against the maufacturer of the old, skyped with a Bulgarian prince (a real one, if minor — had to do with the Kid), and saw Crimes of Grindelwald, which I liked a lot more than I thought I would, and definitely want to read some of the Dumbledore fanfic that should be inspiring. 

Going a bit further back, I decided I couldn't take on the f-word class, which I was looking forward to but really need to focus on finding a better job. I told the Institute and they cancelled the class. There was a lot of interest, too. But the topic will still be there when I'm better able.

Today (which is now yesterday) I finally had a sit-down with my boss. We'd been trying to make this happen for weeks and kept pushing it off (my fault as much as his), and ultimately it was pretty disappointing. I'd said that even if there wasn't money for a salary review I still wanted a position review, by which I meant I wanted feedback n whether my focus was in the right place, where I could improve (there's certainly room lately) and maybe even a bit of ego-stroking on what I was doing well. If I can't have more money (and I get why that's difficult), I at least want a sense of being taken seriously or even accountable, that the work I do is at least recognized in a definite way. What I got was some discussion of some problem areas and how they could get improved in the company generally, but not really a review of me or even my role.

I know I've said this before, but it it did seem to highlight how this job is never going to give me what I need professionally. That's not really a new revelation, but I am feeling the weight of it more freshly. (Also provides a bit of context to the LinkedIn comment over on Tumblr — I really am not hunting for fannish folks to endorse me, but the whole concept is obviously on my mind.)


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