I have this idea instead of holiday cards I'd like to do ecards this year, but with a fannish twist. What I'd really like to do is work up a graphic with Tolkien-inspired art on the margins, but with space in the middle for me to add a personalized message for each person, which I could then email out to friends and family.

I have a rather definite idea that I think could work well for non-Tolkien nerds but have a special resonance for those of us in the know. 

Of course I have precisely no skills for visual arts — I'm really purely a writer — so what I'm really trying to do is feel out whether anyone would be interested in taking this project on. I'm willing to pay (or make a donation to your favorite charity if you prefer) or would even gladly write you something in trade.

If anyone's interested in taking this on or just wants to talk more about what this might look like, please get in touch.


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