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 I have a vague sense of all the people wishing me happy birthday today. I have grand plans to read through and acknowledge them all, but at the moment I just feel cocooned by a cotton-wool cloud of being loved. Is that unbearably sappy? Perhaps; but it's also true. So, thank you.

I'm also giving myself a much-needed gift of time. Going out of town tomorrow night to visit a friend and not coming back to work until Thursday. The only people I'll be spending time with are friends I'd take an airplane to spend time with. Plus: adventures. I work from home tomorrow and then I'm off. This time in more ways than the one. *winks*

Today was actually really nice. I took The Kid and The Mom out to Italian in the old neighborhood and totally carbed out, and there may have been wine. Then met up with some old grad school friends for a game of Risk, where there was definitely scotch and yet more sugar in the form of birthday cake. You have not played strategy games until you have played them with former philosophy grad students, particularly with the standing addition to the rules: if you can convince the group you ought to have won on ethical, logical, or otherwise philosophical grounds, the heck with the dice.

Also I may have bought the "Lego Movie" Blu-Ray from a street vendor. I never saw it, but I'm really looking forward to it!

You know, sometimes people talk about thirties like we're actually adults, but I'm not seeing the evidence today. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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