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Sherlock Happy Fun Time

Two bits of fun times from yours truly.

First, Holmestice is through so I can brag about my story. Remember the Doctor Who  episode where Rose and the Doctor meet Charles Dickens and try to stop an alien invasion into Victorian Cardiff, leaving more than a few people dead under suspicious circumstances? Who among us hasn't imagined letting Holmes and Watson have their crack at the case?

The answer is precisely no one, probably. It's still a fun story and gave me a chance to write Holmes and Watson in all their bickering glory, though, and dig into one of my favorite Doyle stories (but so underwritten in fanfic), "The Devil's Foot." Well worth a read if I do say so myself.

In Heaven and Earth (on AO3)

Second, I threw out some questions about Sherlock S4 over at Tumblr today, and would love anyone's opinion here as well. My specific questions below, but I'd be interested in anything you want to discuss:

If you thought S4 had an overarching story or point to it, what do you think that was? Does it connect up with the story/point of S1-3, and do you think it’s reached its natural stopping-point or does it still feel unfinished to you? If you think it’s a different story they’re telling now, why do you think they changed tracks? 

I’m particularly interested in why they killed Mary when they did (odd to kill off a major character in the first act like that), and why they introduced a previously-unknown antagonist for the final episode. Particularly if this was meant as the final final episode: what’s the point of Eurus in story terms? I love her; but as an author it’s not a choice I’d make, especially with Mofftiss's good history of developing villains over the whole series/seasons.

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