fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

In the past --oh-- six hours.

1) I popped over to work. Today was meant to be an at-home day, but I'd left the power charger to my main computer there, and while I had one for a six-year-old dinosaur that got me through the workday, it was in no means up to a stress-free weekend streaming videos and reblogging other folks' creativities on Tumblr.

2) Which meant a rather hectic twent minute high-there-bye-there exchange with my coworkers who were managing a busy doctor day.

3) Finished editing my Holmestice fic.

4) Discovered that I'd only drafted the email asking for a short extension, not actually sent it. So technically my fic was just late. So technically I may have lost my spot.

(Holmestice mods are way more understanding than I would be, and if they can't accommodate me I 100% understand. This is my fault. Which is why I'm less disappointed and more simply kicking myself over being such a dunderehead.)

(But worst case scenario, I have a finished fic ready for posting, probably the most substantial I've written since...well, my last Holmestice entry probably. :-D So at least a year.

5) Whilst looking for a power cord for my scanner, knocked over a very nearly full 48 oz. water bottle. Without a lid. Right on to my laptop and my cell phone.

6) Rescued the cell phone (*knocks wood*), just finish and send off the Holmestice fic before my machine does the blue screen sudden stop, then tells me I have no OS and (on running the fixer) no hard-drive either.

7) Do the tech support thing with HP. They didn't ask how it happened, I didn't volunteer the information. Here's hope my warranty level is sufficient they don't have to get into "reasonable use," etc.

8) Get out the door to Aldi's where they have *gasp* Diet Coke twelve-packs for $3.83.

(Diet soda is my main vice, and what gets me through many a work day. Bought individually at the store, they cost $1 a can, which is frankly ridiculous. Normally they run $5-7 for a twelve-pack. Scoring them for $3.83 feels like an achievement to be proud of, like finding that perfect white blouse you've been shopping for for years.)

9) Not technically the last six hours, but: a teen I tutored back when I worked with Sloan Kettering relapsed and died. This is of course very sad, but keep in mind I was working with teens with bad cancers - some were never going to make it. But while I was planning a fun day off next week, that's now to be built around going to a funeral, which is just deflating. (Yes, sir, I'm going to a funeral; no, that is not why you shouldn't fight me when I say i'm taking a personal day out of my vacation)

... Basically, I am jointly exhausted, and damned proud at how well I've adulted this afternoon/evening.

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