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Because I didn't do this last week:

  1. I have no cavities.
  2. I have a passing GPA.
  3. "Theology and Falsification" by Anthony Flew. I'm putting my syllabus together and skimmed it to see if it would be worth including. I had forgotten how much I love working through why I disagree with this essay.
  4. This piano player:

    Leon Russell (I assume?), where have you been all my life? Talk about ear candy...

  5. The store clerk at the local bodega asked if I was from the U.K. Made me feel all classy.
  6. I have a mild sprain in my big toe. That isn't good news, but the doc's orders to wear trainers even while teaching is.
  7. Falafel. Somehow it never gets old.
  8. As [personal profile] jay_of_lasgalen helpfully pointed out: Swordspoint now has an audiobook! Just the anticipation is something to be thankful for.
  9. Meta-humor (and the Muppets, of course):

  10. The Muppets movie. Without it I never would have explored the old show clips on YouTube. They are hilarious, and I am truly sorry I lived my first twenty-nine years without them!
  11. Breaking Dawn, which has me thinking deep thinky thoughts about my beliefs re: abortion rights and feminism more generally.
  12. the starry sky above and the moral law within
  13. progress on my reading list (more than a theoretical possibility, for once!
  14. YOU!

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