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Today, I adulted

Managed a difficult work conversation without making it all about me. (Short version: I'm ten months overdue for a salary review and haven't been bringing it up because I know we can't really afford a raise for me, but combined with other factors it was leaving me feeling very underappreciated.) I'm actually kind of proud of how I generalized it so it wasn't just me.

Then I ran downtown to KMart and picked up some things. Bless that store: two blouses, a dozen pairs of socks, new underwear, and a new sheet set, all or under $60. Of course, one could also say curse that store, because it's apparently impossible of getting out for less than $60 when you just went out for the sheet set. Also had fun poking around their Christmas section. Yes, already! But it was shiny and bright and smelled like wintergreen, so....

Yesterday night I skived off work a bit early (for me) and went to see "Blade Runner." AMC has a special going on for $5 tickets on Tuesday, so I splurged and saw it in IMAX. Sexist, to be sure, and with enough sex and violence to earn the R rating (though not excessive to my mind), but so visually stunning! And with some nicely deep theology/philosophy that got me thinking, though to be honest I'm not sure I'll soon get over Jared Leto as the kind of metaphorical God. Nope! Definitely a fun viewing though, and I'd encourage you to see it on the biggest screen you can afford.

Must say, after two nights of Manhattan excursions, I'm pretty thoroughly worn out.

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