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On Molly

I stumbled across some Discourse (TM) over at Tumblr regarding Sherlolly tonight. The details don’t particularly matter -- the people posting thoroughly earned the capital-D in that moniker, as I recall, and it was the slightly snappy attitude I’ve seen too many places in too many different fandoms to want to dwell on. But it did get me thinking about Sherlolly generally, and how it played out (or didn’t) in S4.

See, I love Molly Hooper, particularly in S1 & S2 but also as the show evolved. I love imagining her going to post mortems while in training and Sherlock just kind of crashing them, turning up with overboiled tea and Kitkats and MST’ing the heck out of the board of doctors grilling the poor physician. Maybe crashing on the couch in her office when he was between flats, turning on smarmy charm that she knows is fake, and it being kind of a game with her. Noticing odd behavior and telltale physical signs and insisting on absolutely no more thumbs or kidneys until he pees in a jar.

Science bros, is what I’m saying. I love the concept of Molly having a bit of a crush on Sherlock but that trending to a real platonic friendship that predates John and probably even Lestrade. I’ve always liked the headcanon that Sherlock has so much access to St. Bart’s because he was a postgrad researching biochemistry, so I can easily imagine them training together and taking different paths, and generally knowing each other like only fellow PhD candidates or their med-school equivalent really can. I can also see Sherlock being extremely protective of her as something separate from the realm where Mycroft has any kind of power because she’s a) not really operating in his realm, and b) come on, she was turned on by Sherlock flogging a corpse and dated Moriarty. Those colors don’t run.

... It’s just possible I’ve thought about this. A bit.

And this is where I feel a bit, not betrayed, but certainly like I've lost my bearings a bit in S4 and TFP in particular. Part of what I loved about Molly was she seemed to skirt the line of someone romantically/sexually attracted to Sherlock but who'd worked her way past all that. It's not that I can't enjoy fanfic about a romantic relationship, or I want to discourage people who ship that. But I do feel the show lost something vital about a friendship between those two, when it dipped into the romantic. Particularly when Sherlock's manipulated (even with the best of motives) to convince her to say the words. It really is a rarity, for a man and a woman to be allowed to stay friends. I wish they could have honored that. (Or still will, if the show comes back.)

And the irony's not lost on me. This is really similar to the arguments people have over shipping John and Sherlock, isn't it? Except literature is full of deep male friendships in a way it isn't for cross-gender ones, so it feels like something particularly unique is lost with the way this strand of the show played out. I don't know. Maybe this does just come down to personal taste.

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