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 Tonight I ha the interesting experience of seeing "Atomic Blonde," in 4D no less. (One of those theaters were the seats move and thump, lights flash, etc. to simulate what's going on in the movies. Don't think I'd have chosen this movie as my first time in that format.

And I'm not sure I'd recommend the movie generally - except for those folks I would. It's almost pornographic in its violence (this is no "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" with its gentlemanly intrigue and violence at a distance). It was also beautifully done, with some really nuanced characters and some nice motivations for why they did things the way they did. Also, the sense of Berlin at the tail end of the Cold War? The casual violence, the differences between East Berlin and West, the adrenaline of it all? Really loved that quite a bit. Also Cherlize Theron was as wonderful as advertised, as was James McAvoy, and it was a real treat to see Sofia Boutella (Gazelle, the assassin from Kingsman) once again. So if this seems like your kind of thing, I'd highly recommend it. I just don't think it's my kind of thing, personally. But if this does sound like your kind of thing, it's really well done and I'd recommend seeing it on the big screen because it's visually stunning.

One thing that did interest me: several people over on Tumblr were talking about how traumatic it was that Boutella's character died (this is hardly a spoiler: it really is a violent story and very few characters make it through alive). The reasoning seemed to be that there's this motif where women die to spur on their male over, and here it was just as toxic because a lesbian white woman was being spurred on by the tragic death(TM) of a lesbian woman of color. Only.... Boutellas character is French and does't look particularly non-white to me; just not so pale as a northern European. HOWEVER! Poking around IMDB I see the actress is actually Algerian, and as  French national there would be all kinds of racial politics at pay there Not anything  personally picked up on in the movie itself, though.

Anywho. As I said, really well done and wort seeing if you're keen for this kind of hyper-violence. Just proceed with caution. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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