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I'm having a bit of a Thing, apparently. My boss said something that's really gotten under my skin, and I'm actually a bit confuzzled over whether it's the sexism or the dismissiveness of it.

Background: a coworker came within a hair's breadth of quitting today, told me she was going to do it and then apparently got talked down from it. It was emotionally driven, but when aren't our decisions? I dream of being able to quit, and that's emotionally driven - anger, frustration, hopelessness, powerlessness. Said coworker had specific grievances that mostly came down to a lack of power, a lack of respect, and personality conflicts driven by that dynamic. (Some truly asinine situations around the office lately aren't helping.) But S. boiled it down to the personalities, and said to e how he ws tired of women and all their drama.

Those last five words are actually verbatim. Which is just.... something.

Also: Secretly I think said coworker was on to something. Actually, I'm jealous. Wish I had the backbone to just quit already! Heaven knows we've both earned it in spades.


In happier news, I'm now officially thirty-five. No big plans for today, and I'm actually a bit down about that. Mainly I want to have a bit of fun and not think about RL stress, but I'm at a loss for creativity beyond going out to eat somewhere tomorrow night. (Which would almost certainly be alone.) I do have a long weekend planned, flying down to OBX on Friday, so objectively I do actually have something to look forwrd to.

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