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I've not actually gotten around to bragging about my [community profile] holmestice submission, partly because I'm afraid it's a bit of a niche taste. It's set in the Ritchie (RDJ/Jude Law) movies, but it's post-Reichenbach meaning pretty much everyone knows the basic canon even if they've not seen the films. But it's also polyamory (Sherlock/Watson/Mary), sexually explicit in the middle part, and involves the use and abuse of Catholic liturgy to further the sexytiems. Which I do understand may not be everyone's cup of Earl Grey.

Now that I've told you all the reasons you shouldn't read it, let me tell you why you should. Because I'm actually really proud of it. Mary is clever, Watson is caring, and Holmes as emotionally aware as I can imagine him - really, I liked the unique mix of bluster and exposure here quite a lot, and want to play with it more at some point. There's some pretty theologically informed work on forgiveness (even if Watson mangles it a bit in the particulars), some endearing if I may say so flashes of Sherlock's childhood in France, bare-knuckle boxing and costumes. The whole set-up was just fun to write, and I hope to read. And if you prefer your fanfic more teen-rated but are open to a loving and established romantic triad, the first and third parts actually work fairly well on their own.

Do give it a read, if you're so inclined: And Ye Shall Live, and Ye Shall Know

PS- [personal profile] scfrankles, I had a giggle at how easily you identified me in the guessing phase. I suppose I have a few tells. :-)

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