fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Long Weekend

The clinic closed at 1 PM for the long weekend, and all day Monday. The lawyers went home at 12 so it made no sense to go downtown. So I worked from home this morning and swung by later in theory to show my face when the doctor was actually here as a gentle reminder that, yes, I work here too; but also because it is so far beyond the realm of possibility that I can take all that time off and leave early Friday too. Needed to make some phone calls and hate doing that from my cell.

So here I am, listening to GotG soundtracks in an abandoned clinic with the AC blasting. It's actually really nice. I dig the solitude, and the plan is to take Monday off properly and hopefully get at least some of what I typically do on Sundays done so I can actually write this weekend. Holmestice beckons.

(I get how !@#$'d up that sentence is, really! But delving into that reality is only going to pull me down.)

Am also going to a movie tonight, probably Pirates but possibly Bay Watch. It seems like just the right blend of self-aware mockery to be really hilarious, though not usually my thing.

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