fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Today's been a very low-key day. Went to sleep by 9:00, hit snooze on the alarm and slept straight through until 1 PM. (With an hour up around 3 AM because the weather woke me and I couldn't get back to sleep.) Which was clearly much needed, and I feel a little more like a human being. I've not actually been outside but it looks like we got a lot - about 1" on the windowsills opposite, and no court or yard to be seen in the courtyard below. It's definitely a day for sweaters, fuzzy socks and afghans.

I picked up a new Rubrik cube, one that had patterns you were supposed to be able to create rather than the get-all-sides-the-same-color. I managed the swan (one of the "starter" ones. Liked the LCD-free puzzle. I'd done so much with the standard Rubrik cube, it had gotten a bit too easy. Now I'm trying to decide between Netflix nd fic writing. Probably Netflix; I'm still feeling very drained and not up to anything much creative. But we'll see. I do want to work on the Florida fic!
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