fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

  I would love to be able to say today went well. Actually it went pretty rotten -- turns out  didn't need to be here early except due to bad communication, and I do need to be here the next two weeks. So I've spent the day in that headspace, which is exactly as lovely as you'd expect.

But the clinic is closed tomorrow for the storm. I'm not entirely sure that means I'm off, because I certainly have enough work to do. Usually that means I work from home (which can be nice!), but all my coworkers and pretty much every other adult in the city isn't working, so unless I've got a definite air of "!@#$ it" in my head. I'm going home to sleep, and maybe finally write tomorrow afternoon, and not do anything work-related unless I'm specifically asked.

Also, to drink lots of hot cocoa, because.
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