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I thought I'd lived a relatively full life, but until tonight it was sadly lacking in at least one important regard: I had never sang Mahna Mahna (audio warning) in a theater with sixty-odd other adults while their seven year-olds rolled their eyes at us.

I was not the instigator, but I was a... willing (and vigorous) participant. I went to see The Muppets tonight, and it ended up with that song. Well, some people had brought kazoos and stood up and played at random points, which I gather was planned and coordinated beforehand. What was not planned were the other people like me who sang along in funny voices, and those who were in the aisles (not me - but not for lack of wanting) who actually danced.

The movie was hilarious. I say this as someone who only occasionally watched Muppet Babies as a kid (not born until '82, so if I'm too young for the original show). Still, it was a lot of fun to see the movie - so campy, so fannish, and a lovely communal experience. More on that tomorrow, maybe, because I do have Deep Thoughts.

Also, a reminder: if you haven't already, I'm still taking story prompts for my advent calendar. Please just leave a comment on that post.

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