fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

The Great Nor'easter

Well, yesterday certainly was Brrrrrrsday wasn't it? At least in NYC. But the city being thencity, we are more or less dug and salted out. Had a problem with the hot water heater but it should be fixed by tonight, and I'll take that in the grand scheme of things. The Internet held, and that's what truly matters.

It was a light day all around. Wore jeans to work and still took a cab, only to turn around five hours later and  go back home again. I picked up new pillows, dined on Chinese takeaway and hot cocoa and bagels, and watched The Great Mouse Detective for the first time, which was glorious.

Today I worked from home later than normal and even slept in a bit, and if I was smart I'd have stayed home entirely because it's a lawyer day and they probably have a skeleton crew. But my area is very accessible, and I like working from there better than home if only because it means I'm in Manhattan on a Friday night. So in I go. Kind of a lazy two days. :^)

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