fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I am fighting so very hard against the idea of writing a S3/4 AU where Mary is a sort of twisting of the Moran character, but still comes to play the basic role Moran does in “The Empty House.” It could be rather glorious. The basic concept sounds cliched even to my ears. Mary is a contract assassin who occasionally works for Jim, and who kills him after he fakes his suicide in TRF, and that secret (first keeping it, then the consequences from other Moriarty associates when she's found out and a desire to protect herself and possibly Rosie) put her at odds with John and Sherlock and Mycroft, and this is the confrontation the three of them have to work to overcome.

Which as I said sounds cliched in the abstract, but what I'm thinking of is a Mary who is cold-blooded and practical but not actually evil, yet through circumstance lands in the role of antagonist anyway. Also something that actually does the whole Final Problem/Empty Hearse story arc properly.

The problem is it would be a WIP. I don't do WIPs - hardly read them, haven't written them in a decade+. I'm not even sure I know how to do them properly, and the scope strikes me as... ambitious, to say the least. Also my creativity seems back but my execution not so much, and I do have at least two other fannish projects I want to polish off.

Still: I have so many delicious ideas here.

Someone talk me out of it, or into it?
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