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Jan. 15th, 2017

So, Sherlock.

I've been talking about this a bit over at Tumblr, but kept my thoughts sort of to myself over here. I have to say, so far I've been disappointed with this series. And a lot of that is boil-over from S3 disappointment of the type "I have bad feelings here but am withholding judgment until I see where they're going with this." The first two series will always be dear in my heart, and I love specific scenes from the last two series, S4 particularly. I just feel like the characterizations aren't there, that it's more about fizz-bang than telling a story that makes sense.

That's my impression through the first two episodes. I still haven't seen FIN, seeing it in the theaters tomorrow so holding off. And I'm trying very hard to ignore the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from Tumblr, though I do have a very bad feeling here. Mainly it's come to be a fanworks delivery system more than a show, which is a nice universe to have, but not exactly a show succeeding in its primary function.

I've come a bit back to playing in the Tolkien sandbox, particularly the Silm corner of the fandom. One story that just needs a final coat os spit-polish, another I took an hour today to reread some canon and start outlining. I'd also like to write some Doyle fic but I really feel I don't know enough about Victorian times to do that well. I really want to, I just... I don't even know where to start there. I've been reading/re-reading the Doyle originals, and falling in love with them. So clever, so sweet, so much fun!


Jan. 16th, 2017 06:10 pm (UTC)
I've been trying to stay away from Tumblr - the ranting is so over the top - the episode wasn't perfect but it was entertaining and was Moftiss' vision - I never expected it to be mine. I won't say more until you've seen it, but wouldn't mind discussing it after with you.
Jan. 16th, 2017 10:18 pm (UTC)
Parts of Tumblr are way overboard. But a lot of more mature fans I respect had problems with this episode from the little bit I've seen. This whole series didn't sit that well with me, it seemed so big it got a bit careless I think, and definitely not like the first two series I fell in love with.

However. Not seen the thing yet, and definitely don't want to prejudge or throw away this gift of actual canon. I really am going to try to forget all the criticism I've heard and take it on its own merits.



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