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Advent calendar - looking for writing prompts

Thanks to people that replied to my informal poll about the Advent calendar, both publicly and privately. It seems people want me to write (no surprise there!). My muse has been a bit recalcitrant lately, but I would like to try to coax her to cooperate.

So, could I have writing prompts please? I will probably need 8-12 decent prompts that can be addressed in a thousand words or less. You should give me characters you'd like me to use, along with either a short theme (<7 words) or else an inspirational quote you'd like me to use as inspiration. No promises I'll be able to come up with any fic, but I'd like to try!

Btw, I am itching to get back into Tolkien-verse, and would love to attempt characters off the beaten track (so Silmarillion/Unfinished Tales/Appendices preferred). However I'll gladly consider characters from any of the 'verses you see me discuss. The worst I can do is say no... :-)

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