fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I saw "Doctor Strange" tonight, and... wow. I really am stuck on that word, and feel the need to squee over the many, many wonderful things about it. Spoilers below, obviously.

--- Benedict's hands.

--- Seriously, this is a movie that is literally about Sherlock's wonderful, wonderful hands. I had a second-row seat, complete with 3D glasses. Hella, as they say.

--- The morally grey aspect of it all. There's not a single character in it, with the possible equivalent of the in-world equivalent of Morgoth, who isn't utterly complicated here.

--- Benedict's cheekbones. You know, in case you got tired looking at the hands.

--- The way Galadriel Tilda Swinton turns Lothlorien the Mirror-realm on its head. Never had I felt that kind of place's necessary status as not-safe so intensely as I did here.

--- The costuming. Seroiously, there should be a Nobel Prize for this stuff.

--- The SFX. In no way superficial or gratuitous, such a wonderful way to get at the other-ness of the world.

--- Benedict's voice. This is not something I expected to actually like, I was almost afraid to go because I thought it would distract when I was so used to his British tones. But in the end it was just masterful. Intense. Just...


Yeah, I'm good. Really.

--- The meta possibilities in Wong, the man with no first name, being played by Benedict Wong. I'm just going to leave that one there.

--- The way it works East vs. West. Seriously, western-ness as rationality and science and ego, but also the need to know we see shot through the ending scenes.

--- Speaking of endings: the fact that Benedict overthrew Morgoth by essentially going "Are we there yet?" on him until he just gave in.

--- Mads Mikkelsen, essentially in Goth. Tumblr must be in fits.


--- Chiwetel Ejiofor, because apparently Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't enough.

--- Thor! Loved so much about that bit, and the way it ted in with the larger Marvel 'verse but was so much its own thing.

--- Quite possibly the most unexpected Stan Lee cameo I've come across to date.

--- Good God, the crash scene. The visualizing-the-multiverse scene. Tilda Swinton's last scene. The... so, so many others. The pacing just completely blew me away.

--- But really: those hands.

Bottom line: maybe someone should give the DCU a hug or something. They just may need it.
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