fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

The good: I did good today. I did so well - worked through my list of WC cases where I just don't have insurance info on (and got a few more possible clients on their paralegals' calendar to bring in and talk about this issue. I think I only got insurance info for two of them, but at least I touched bas on all of them. Takes time and concentration which I just don't have normally. Only today I did. *bouncy*

The bad: Okay, this is more funny than bad, in a sardonic laughing-at-the-universe-as-it-laughs-at-you kind of thing. In a stroke of brilliant planning, S. let both the X. and her second (our filing/receptionist person) take off the same day, and let me go into Manhattan to work with the lawyers even though most everyone was gone, and let the physical therapy clinic run with just closing a few hours early. Meaning I got a message from an irate person at another doctor's office, from a justifiably frazzled PT assistant trying to do both jobs - which turned out, after all that, to not even be about a patient we'd sent over to them, just from our patients' law firm.

This is not okay, clearly. But it's also really really funny from a suitable distance.

No "the beautiful" I'm afraid, as I've been working all day and wanted to do this before heading out for the night. But I am very much in the mood for a movie so I'm off to see Ghostbusters. Maybe I'll finally get what all the cool kids have been blathering on about recently?
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