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The bad: Too much to go into, so I won't. Not okay, of course, and that much at least I need to get on paper, but the specifics are left at the clinic until Tuesday. (Yayz for lawyer days and then three-day weekends!)

The good: I ... may have overdone it a bit on Johnlock fanvids tonight. Blathered on a bit about this over at Tumblr, but the important thing is I'm smiling and listening to "Dear Future Husband" for the mumbledy-teenth time but mainly excited over this hellscape of a show again.

How the heck did I become such a romantic? But I'm thinking it's time to rewatch and recapture some of my first-flush of glee over it. The good thing is, Sherlock being Sherlock, I think ther'es still time.


The beautiful: Otters frolicking in ice. Seriously.
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